We went out to Bay Ridge with Ramen and Friends to Bab al Yemen. There was a Japanese TV crew filming us for a morning news segment. Only problem was that there was no beer or alcohol. It’s fine. I survived and it was still fun. Actually just as fun and enjoyable. Maybe I don’t need to be drunk all the time to have a good time. I learned something about myself.

The food was really good. But everyone got stuffed on the bread and dip appetizers –Hummus, Baba ghanoush with Lamb and Chicken. Too hard to enjoy the rest, although that stuff was good too. I liked the Roasted Lamb Haneeth especially. A lot of it I don’t know what we were eating. I thought they were all called Fahsah.

Yoshie and Rob’s boy is really into dinosaurs. I tried to do some magic tricks and tell a few jokes. I think the best one was “What do you call a video game playing dinosaur? …a SEGAsaurus!” He didn’t care.

Bab al Yemen – 413 Bay Ridge Ave (btwn 5th & 4th Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11209
Ramen and Friend’s review

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  1. tio wally

    “SEGAsaurus!” You’re dating yourself, dude. It’s sort of like me telling you a joke where the punchline is “A slide rule!”


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