I went out to MOMA PS1 in Long Island City yesterday to check out the Andy Kaufman Effect. I was pretty hungover from the night before. So I walked into Sage General Store to get some food and avoid the strong cold winds outside.

The french toast looked really good on everyone else’s table. But I decided to low-carb it with the Rotisserie Chicken Blue Plate Special ($14). It didn’t help that the half chicken came with Mac & Cheese though. The waiter asked if I wanted Bacon Mac. I said Baked-in Mac? He was like Bacon Mac? I was like what do you mean Baked-in? It was almost an Abbott and Costello routine. A hungover version.

The Chicken was cooked really well. Crispy outside. Moist and tender inside. Only thing though, it wasn’t salty enough. I asked for salt which I don’t know if it was rude or not. It’s basically saying your food is flavorless. Well it wasn’t on the table.

The Mac & Cheese was really good. With a pinch of salt on that too, really good. Oh yeah, it was bacon in there.

Chai Tea Latte and a full stomach made me feel better. I think Chai Tea Latte is my new jam.

Sage General Store - 24-20 Jackson Ave. Long Island City, NY 11101

The Andy Kaufman Effect was pretty cool at MOMA PS1. They had panels and special guests and even Tony Clifton showed. up. I’ve been really into Andy Kaufman these past couple of months. Watching a ton of his stuff online and watching Man on the Moon again. It’s of great coincidence there’s so much Andy Kaufman stuff going on now in NY.

First, the MOMA event yesterday. Second, the On Creating Reality, by Andy Kaufman exhibit at Maccarone (Jan 12 – Feb 23, 2013). And last but not least, Andy Kaufman’s 99cent Tour at Participant Inc (Feb 12-24, 2013).

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