When I went back home to Orlando, my parents gave me some red wine. It’s interesting drinking around my parents these past few years, because I didn’t start drinking until I moved to NYC. So it’s pretty new drinking around them. My mom constantly warns me not to drink all the time. So it’s funny when she poured me a little wine and then asked if I wanted gin in it. Not ordinary gin, but Beefeater gin my parents infused with Ginseng for around 10 years and then put into a Smuckers jar of raisins for a few months.

It was actually pretty good. Made it a little sweet and stronger. My mom just put a small teaspoon and gave me a couple of raisins.

My mom says this is good for arthritis because the ginseng helps blood circulation. Maybe so. Look at what she’s doing with this sword!

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  1. tio wally

    That is so awesome, so beautiful. But did she short out the TeeBee at the end?


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