I came to work today and at the front desk was this big variety gift box of Japanese Kit Kats –courtesy of Sam’s business trip to Japan. The flavors were:

  • Edamame-Soybean
  • Pear
  • Blueberry Cheese Cake
  • Shinshu Apple
  • Hot Japanese Chili
  • Brown Sugar Syrup
  • Strawberry Cheese Cake
  • Wasabi
  • Red Bean Sandwich
  • Cinnamon Cookie
  • Matcha-Green Tea
  • Hojicha-Roasted Tea
  • Citrus Golden Blend
  • Strawberry
  • Purple Sweet Potato

Wow crazy flavors …or maybe more that they’re uniquely Asian.

I stood around there with a few of my co-workers trying a bunch of them. They were interesting. A lot of them you’d think would be insane and weird like the Red Bean Sandwich or the Hot Japanese Chili, but the flavors weren’t overpowering. So they weren’t that bad. Still very much a Kit Kat, but a hint of whatever flavor they are.

I kind of liked the Hot Japanese Chili Flavor. It tasted like chili dark chocolate, where the heat kicked in a bit later in the back of your throat.

Green Tea flavor was good. Might sound weird if you never had Green Tea Ice Cream. But if you have, you know it’s a pretty good flavor in sweets.

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