For football watching, Rusty said he was going to make Fire Crackers. I had no idea what he was talking about. But he said they are what fishermen eat down South.

They are saltine crackers with Ranch Dressing (powder) with pepper, garlic powder, onion powder, red pepper flakes, vegetable or olive oil –all mixed in a bag and then put in the oven to crisp up.

We couldn’t find Rand Dressing powder mix. I haven’t seen dry dressing mix in a long time. Either they don’t make them anymore or they just don’t sell them in the smaller groceries up here in NY. It’s hard to find a lot of stuff up here that you’d normally find in the mega supermarkets anywhere else. I wish there was a Publix in Williamsburg. I also liked Albertson’s because they had a toy aisle.

Anyway, Rusty got Onion soup mix instead. I don’t if it made it better or worse, but dang these Fire Crackers were pretty good. I was impressed, since they sounded lame.

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  1. joshyq

    loving this blog! I live in Brooklyn, have a cooking show, and have trouble finding food related blogs that I take interest in.

    How did you feel after eating that McDonalds sandwich? Last time I had McDonalds I was sick for 3 days, I just didn’t feel right.

    My brother and I have a show on youtube’s official cooking channel called “Midnight Munchies” that combines stoner food porn with delicious and simple recipes and comedy. If you like the sound of that search for “cookies and ice cream minus oven and dairy” on youtube… Maybe we can find a way to work together!


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