Todd brought this bag of Crispy Fried Chicken Skins over for football. He found it in a bodega in East New York for $1. He thought he got the white man price.

They were like pork rinds, just as I assumed. Maybe could have used a little more salt to keep me eating the whole bag.

Everything on this plate is chicken.


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  1. DB

    Do they still sell this in East New York? I used to go to the Deli on Pennsylvania and Stanley. Want to try my hand at making Chicken Salt (an Australian thing). Loved those chicken skins. When I bought them in 2011, they were $1. Wish Howard’s had a website. Any info would be appreciated. Like your blog!
    Thanks. Kind regards, DB

    • johndoe

      howards has a website but they charge you alot for shipping . if u google fried chicken skins the website is the first one.


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