I was walking from the UCBeast for some comedy and improv and I saw this new $1 pizza joint near the L train on 1st Ave. Joey Pepperoni’s it’s called. I can’t help say it without an NY Italian accent. It’s like that restaurant, Tommy Lasagna. I feel like I can’t even say Tommy Lasorda without an accent.

Anyway, I never heard of these Joey Pepperoni’s, but apparently there’s a few of them in NYC. I think they’re relatively new though …like within the past year.

I guess it’s pretty good. Kinda tastes like a $1 pizza –like a 2 Bros slice. They all pretty much taste the same when you’re walking home drunk.

I shook some seasonings on my slice and saw something that came out that looked like a squiggly hair. I figured it was just something from the oregano or herbs. On closer inspection of the photo, I think it was. …I hope it was. It was. Right?

Joey Pepperoni Pizza - 222 1st Ave (btwn 13th & 14th St) New York, NY 10009

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