The legendary Pink Tea Cup reopened near 14th St, but it’s not the same old place. Someone bought the name and the Yelp reviews are scary as hell. Sam really wanted to go though. I was still scared, but I went anyway.

There was a bucket in the corner catching the water leak from the ceiling. There was smudges of something on the napkins in the rack. Still scared.

Sam got the Chicken and Waffles and I got the Fish and Grits. They looked decent. The food wasn’t so bad. Better than I expected. Although the breading to the fish was rubbery and hard to cut through –like if it was salmon skin. But I’m pretty sure it was just breading. Weird.

I felt like I was rooting for this place, even though I was scared to eat here …and I always prided myself in eating in the sketchiest of restaurants. I guess if you go in with really bad expectations, it’s okay. Not so scared anymore.

…In a weird way, I felt more assured that the tartar sauce was in packets here.

Pink Tea Cup - 538 6th Ave (btwn 14th & 15th St) New York 10011

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