Justin and I had a late dinner here at Moto in Williamsburg, right off the Hewes J/M stop. In fact, you can see it from the subway on the other side of the bars. This is my first time here. I feel like every time I said I’ve never been there, people seem so surprised.

We got the Lamb Ribs ($12) and Stuffed Quail with Chorizo ($12) entrees. Really nice meals. Feels like on the fancy side. I really dug the ribs –crispy edges and tender falling off the bone meat, dripping in its own grease. Delicious.

We ran into my friend Ally and her sister. They were kind of enough to let us take a photo of their Octopus and Chicken Leg plates. The Octopus was pretty good.

Cafe Moto - 394 Broadway (btwn Keap & Hooper) Brooklyn, NY 11211

Pretty photos by Justin Hall

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    I'll bet your troll is my troll. For some reason, he's obsessed with Epsiaopclians and Anglicans. I can't quite figure out this fixation, but then again, obsessives don't need reasons.

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