We went to Shorty’s for what they claim to be serving authentic Philly Cheesesteaks in NYC. The bread is actually shipped from Philly. Chris, who’s from there, thinks they’re the closest sandwiches he’s had in New York. So that sounds like a good thing.

The restaurant is more like a sports bar than a lunch spot in my opinion. But it was good for people that were there to catch some of the Euro Cup games.

I got the Shorty’s Special –a Beer & a Cheeseteak for $12 (Mon-Fri 12-7pm & 11pm-close). Pretty good deal considering the Cheesesteaks are $9 and the beers start at $5. But it did keep me from trying the Steak Special (Cheesesteak with Broccoli Rabe).

Chris and Sam got us started on Italian Fries (Parmesan cheese) and Onion Rings. They smelled so good when they came out.

The Chicken Cheesesteak looked rather slim on the fillings, but maybe it’s just that the chicken and cheese was camouflaged into the bread. I wasn’t sure there was anything in it.

My regular beef Cheesesteak wasn’t as fully packed as I expected either, but in the end I was totally stuffed. It was more than adequate. I thought it was a decent sandwich. Better when I put ketchup on it. I don’ t know that’s a Philly thing, but I saw Chris do it.

I’m curious to know what other people think. Is it authentic Philly-style Cheesesteak?

Shorty’s - 66 Madison Ave (btwn 27th & 28th St) New York, NY 10016


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  1. Nicholas

    I was told when I moved to Baltimore (or maybe it was in the Annapolis days – no matter) that the original style Philly Cheesesteak was made with…..CheeseWhiz (a.k.a. Not Cheese). I don’t remember who or where or when or what or whatever, but I remember being a little shocked, surprised, in awe, flabbergasted, mind-blown, threatened, attacked, violated, scorned, guilty, greif stricken, bewildered, plundered, aghast, ghastly, foreign, unctuous, venomous, vitriolic, and kind.

    So put your ketchup wherever you want is my vote.


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