I got on the Smorgasboat Party Cruise, from the people of Smorgasburg. It was only $45 ($20 of which is tax deductable). So it’s kinda like $25 for all you can eat and drink and vomiting.

Plenty of food for everyone. Most of it was small plates from some of the Smorgasburg vendors –Asia Dog, BK Salsa, NY Naturals, Pig & Egg, Sunday Gravy and some wings, pulled pork sliders, etc. Big rush for the food when we were boarding. I took my time with the drinks and no time later, the lines subsided.

I learned my lesson about boats last year when I went on Jody and Christa’s bachelor/ette deep sea fishing party. I threw up 16 times within 4 sessions. I don’t think those bracelet things work. I made sure to prepare and took 2 Dramamines an hour before the boat. I rather be drowsy on a party boat than sick out of my mind. It did well. I didn’t get sleepy until way after when I passed out from all the drinks when I got home.

Luckily I ran into some friends to keep me company. Also made some new friends and got invited to a birthday party tomorrow night. I forgot their names though. The after party rooftop was pretty. All in all, this party cruise was awesome. The tickets sold out quick. So know that next time. They said they are planning to have more.


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