Lunch break in Soho at Internet Week. It’s hard to find a cheap hole in the wall. Lahore is one of the few places –tiny unassuming Pakistani deli on a short off-shoot block.

The group in front of me was interesting. A guy brought his out-of-town female friends and he was so proud to them them this place, like he knew this was a great hidden gem in NY. I helped explain to one of the girls what Snapple was. I’m not sure she spoke English though.

I went with the Curry Chicken, Lentils and Eggplant $7 –forgoing the rice. I’m slow-carbing it. That and cutting back my drinking to two-thirds of the week. I’m so skinny now. I now have a jawl line.

I waited for them to microwave the food and received a container of slop with everything mixed up together. It was actually a really tasty container of slop. I’m sure the rice would have kept everything separate, but I enjoyed the mixture. Every now and then I spat out pieces of bone. That makes me feel cool while sitting on a bench outside of a boutique and watching the Soho girls walk by. I think I saw the T-Mobile girl.

I love the sweet Chai Tea!

Lahore Deli - 132 Crosby St (btwn Houston & Jersey St) New York, NY 10012

Oh, I also got front row seats to see Deepak Chopra at the Internet Week conference. He was wearing some slick red shoes. I wish I had a photo of them.

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