We started off with Jell-O shots at Capri Social Club, a cool Polish bar in Greenpoint. Then Anthony and I split off to eat some food at Calexico. That place is bumpin. The wait was going to be a while, but we just happened to be right behind two girls that were leaving the bar. Or I had impression that they thought we were hovering so we could grab their seats. It worked.

We started of with some creamy guacamole, which was really good. Anthony got a fish and pork taco. I got the Chipotle Pork Torta sandwich. Really good drunk food. I woofed it down.

I was so messy that I was surprised the girl next to me didn’t care that my food was so close to her jean jacket on the bar. I asked her about it, but she said it wasn’t hers and apologized for some reason. I think it belonged to the girls before. I might’ve gotten sauce on it.

Calexico – 645 Manhattan Ave (btwn Bedford & Norman Ave) Brooklyn, NY 11222

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