Rob Bruce IMed me at work. He never IMs me and we never talk about food. He was raving about the BonChon Chicken he just ate. I thought it was suspicious, like BonChon hacked his IM to message me. It worked.

Every time I planned to go to BonChon (Midtown) before, I was dissuaded by what I hear is a super long wait for the food. In fact, I just assume that’s the nature of Korean Fried Chicken. There used to be a BBQ Chicken (not barbeque chicken, but “Best of the Best Quality Chicken”) Korean spot near my work. There would be no one in there and it would still take over 30 minutes for my small order. They said it was because they fry each chicken to order.

I got Chris of Cubeecraft to go eat BonChon Chicken right now. He got me to go to the East Village one (the same one Rob went to). They both said the service is so much faster there. I’m sold …and they were right. The chicken came so fast. Maybe five-ten minutes after we ordered.

The chicken was crispy, sweet, sticky …delicious. I liked it with Sriracha sauce. They were finger lickin’ good.

We also had Korean Tako Balls, which I kept thinking they said Korean Taco Balls. They were those octopus Takoyaki balls. Really good. At the time, I was wondering what made them taco-style or Mexican. Now I get it. I no dumb.

Okay, yes. The East Village BonChon is the one to go to if you don’t like to wait. It’s hard to find though. There’s no real sign and it looks like a cave. And the small whiteboard says Boca. From my understanding, it’s a bar called Boca that serves BonChon Chicken. I think this place used to be a wood and metal parts shop. I thought Chris was taking me there.

BonChon Chicken (@ Boka) - 9 St Marks Pl (btwn 3rd Ave & Astor Pl) New York, NY 10003

Speaking of “Finger Lickin’ Good”, here’s my tribute to MCA, Beastie Boys, NYC and Huey Lewis…

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