$3.50 (plus tax) for this half rotisserie Chicken (Pollo a la Brasa) from Mom’s Kitchen Too …where I got the Oxtail Stew. The chicken was moist and tender. A really good deal. They also gave me the spine.

I did come back to try the Roast Pork. It was way too salty. Probably just a bad day.

I think the dealers from the Google Maps drug bust might have moved in front of this restaurant. Or maybe I’m just profiling? They dressed like thugs and it is only twenty feet away. They got real quiet when I walked up, like I was a narc. But I just wanted some chicken.

Mom’s Kitchen Too (or Mama’s Kitchen Too or La Cocina De Mama Too) - 251 Jackson St. Brooklyn, NY

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  1. Isidro

    Whens the last time you went for the pork , they recently just got new cooks, one imported ( lol) the other a culinary graduate, go back when you have a chance and try the pork, im sure your tasted buds will agree with it this time. I wonder if anyone has suggestion for things they should start serving.??

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