I met up with Justin near Woodhull Hospital (at the corner of East Williamsburg, Bushwick and Bed-Stuy) for brunch –Ventured out to try someplace new. Here’s a scary looking dentists office we passed …for children.

We ended up walking Southeast along the JMZ line. A few taco places that looked interesting to me. We almost walked into a divey dark bar for Eggs Benedict, but took a chance at a few more blocks. Whoa, what is Abidjan? …a West African restaurants with a big photo menu taped to the window. A lot of good looking stuff and cheap. $3 Spaghetti Sandwich? Dang.

I didn’t order the Spaghetti Sandwich. In fact, I’m not sure if everything on that window menu is available all the time. There’s a shorter menu on the table. It looks like rather than getting a single entree, you also have to get a side for a single larger price. But actually, it’s still the same price if they were separate, but now a combo. (See photo #6. I’m not that good at explaining shit.) Still pretty cheap prices.

Our server, who I assume is also the chef, brought us our own gallon jug of water. And from the sign on the window, the water is specially Kangen ionized and alkalized water. Sounds fancy.

Justin and I split the Peanut Sauce (Chicken Stew) with Foutou (mashed Cassava) $10. The sauce was amazing and chicken so tender. The Foutou has the glutinous/doughy consistency of mochi, but instead of rice, it’s made out of cassava. Justin thought it tasted brothy. Dipped in the Peanut Sauce, the Foutou were like dumplings. Interesting.

We also ordered a Fried Fish with Attieke (Cassava Couscous) $10. A nice sized whole fish –crispy and great with the sauce, oil and onions on the side. The Attieke, also made with cassava, was awesome with the Peanut Sauce.  Looking at the menu, I’m not sure if the couscous is an option with the Peanut Sauce. It should be.

Oh, and the homemade Ginger Juice that the guy makes and bottles himself is amazing. Strong with ginger flavor. Only $2. I bought an extra to take home.

I can’t believe the tables were empty here. It’s so good and nicely good priced. They even have DVDs for sale. I love this restaurant.

Restaurant Abidjan - 1136 Broadway (btwn Dekalb Ave & Kosciuszko St) Brooklyn, NY 11221

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  1. joe

    fun entry. for an interesting adventure, find the illegal restaurants in the bronx serving West African food. look for livery cabs parked outside of a two- or three-family house on the west side of the bronx, say near River Park Towers or somewhere in University Heights. Go to the local mosque and talk to people. There are lots of great legal ones in that area, too. In West Africa women just set up on the side of the street – in NYC, the complexities of registering the business, complying with all sorts of rules and getting harassed for bribes (just like back home) is apparently not very appealing when you’ve got 100 people clamoring for your attieke, your fufu, etc!


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