Yesterday, Sam and I walked by this new Meatball food truck parked behind our office (near Madison Square Park & Eataly). It’s Marky Ramone’s (of The Ramones!) food truck, serving meatballs… head by this accomplished chef.

We were headed somewhere else to get food and I asked them when they’ll be back. They said tomorrow (which is today). I thought, “Oh shit. They are going to come back to this shitty spot because they think we are going to come back to get two meatballs?” I walk by this spot everyday and have seen so many lonely food trucks (with the exeption of Kimchi Taco Truck). When we walked back with our lunches, there was no one in line. I said hi. One guy smiled at me, then he saw my food and his smiled dipped. I was thinking, “Shit.” …and they did come back today.

I was pretty surprised that they were men of their word. Were they coming back to this shitty spot because now we were obligated to buy two meatballs? Luckily, there were a few people there in line. I felt relieved.

Sam got the Italian Original (beef balls) with Marky Ramone’s Marinara Sauce and I got the Asian (Pork), since Sam and I are both Asian. We swapped balls to taste each others. You can get them on a roll or with crisps (toasted bread chips or Fried Chinese Noodles for the Asian ones). The meatballs look good in the basket (as in the display), but they put them in plastic containers to go. See the last four photos.

Overall, they were pretty good. But I expected more from such a fiery looking truck with Marky Ramone’s name on it. I was expecting bold flavors or a kicked up spicy meatball that punched me in the face. They were quality balls, but not so rock n roll. Plus, are they worth $7?

I think this Meatball truck will fare better in Midtown or at least over to Park Ave and mid 20’s …not this shitty spot. It doesn’t do me any favors by telling people to park away from my office, but I’m just trying to help.

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  1. tio wally

    “We swapped balls to taste each others.” … I’ve written a half-dozen comments on that line but nuked ’em. Probably for the better.

    • tio wally

      Now I scroll down to see “Eating Lamb Testicles.” Oy veh, J.


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