Sierra Mist had a lunch event with TV Celebrity Chef Aaron Sanchez at his NY restaurant, Centrico. It was to promote Comer Juntos, “a recipe web series he’s partnered with Sierra Mist Natural to create, that provides fresh, and unexpected, recipe ideas to bring families around the table any day.”  He mentioned how research has shown that families that eat together, tend to have kids that grow up with better social skills. I believe he’s absolutely right. I hardly ate with my family growing up…

Aaron also did a cooking demo using Sierra Mist. I don’t remember the last time I had a Sierra Mist, but dang …you ever had a Diet Sierra Mist? I just had it. That’s the best tasting diet soda I’ve ever had …and I think better tasting than regular Sierra Mist. It’s too bad I don’t drink soda anymore.

It’s hard to imagine cooking with soda pop, but I think the citric acid helps tenderize the meat. I tried root beer with something along time ago. I forget. A steak? That sounds stupid.

Alright, onto the food made with Sierra Mist:

Ceviche del Día with Plantain Chips – This was awesome. Squid tentacles. Great tangy flavors that went really well with the Plantain Chips.

Raspberry Rumba (cocktail drink) – Too sweet for me. It was a downer when I learned there was no alcohol in it.

Salad – I’m not sure if there was Sierra Mist in it.

Slow Cooker Chipotle Chicken – Very tender chicken. Good flavor. How do you get a boneless piece of thigh? I wasn’t paying attention

Mexican Chocolate Pudding Cake – I missed it! The blogger next to me tricked me into leaving. Oh well, I don’t think it had Sierra Mist in it.

The recipes and cooking videos with Chef Aaron Sanchez are at …look for the “Eating Together” link/photo.


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