I was out an about the other night after the 2nd Pulp show. I made my friends get into a cab and took them to a bar in LES/Chinatown. Right when we were going in, I sorta ditched them because I realized I hadn’t eaten. I said I’ll be back. I walked around for a while and the only place I could find open was that Chinese restaurant, Fen Yang Corporation, that had that menu of interesting exotic delights.

They didn’t take credit cards and no one knew where an ATM was. The waitress made me order the cheapest thing on the menu –Chow Mein Fuzhou Style Noodles ($3.75). I actually had more money …maybe not enough for Goose Intestine w/ Tender Leek. I do wish I had enough for the Live Shrimp. That sounds exciting.

The Chow Mein Noodles were just alright. Greasy like it should be …with pieces of pork in there. A good size portion for being the cheapest dish on the menu. I wanted to ask for hot sauce, but I felt like I was already on their bad side for coming in with only a few dollars and because I’m ABC (American-Born-Chinese). Sometimes I get the feeling that Off-the-Boat Chinese like white people more than me.

When I got back to the bar, there turned out to be a cover to get in. It was sweaty, loud and crowded and I think my friends just wanted to sit and talk. They had already left. I felt like a dick.

Fen Yang Corporation – 107 Eldridge Street (btwn Broome & Grand) New York 10002

This photo from my camera ain’t that bad. I shouldn’t be hesitant to use it, like the other day at Spritzenhaus beer garden, where my friend Jill had birthday drinks. I have a bad habit of not being able to eat anything new if I don’t have my camera to blog it. I need to stop worrying about that and also stop worrying about my camera making a big bulge in my pocket.

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