I’ve never seen anything like this before. You just thaw it and eat? …In your grocer’s freezer.

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  1. tio wally

    The more I look at this the more I’m convinced it’s a Cioppino mix.

    • tio wally

      This company [www.panapesca.com/] is kind of trippy.

      From its website: PanaPesca Seafood announces PanaReady [http://www.panaready.com/], a new line of ready-made frozen seafood meals, combining authentic ingredients and traditional flavors, produced and packaged in Italy.

      Four new products – Frozen Mixed Clams, Paella, Seafood Medley for Rice and Spaghetti, and Seafood Sauce for Pasta – contain a wide variety of seafood from calamari, mussels, shrimp and clam meat. PanaReady meal kits provide convenient, quality frozen seafood complete with seafood sauces. Each kit can be prepared in less than ten minutes and can be combined with pasta or rice.

  2. Petalfrog

    I’ve bought this a couple of times at the local Market Basket and I LOVE it. You don’t defrost it before hand and instead just drop it right in the pan into whatever you’re cooking. Put a cover on for about 3 mins, then stir it up and cook for another 4 mins. The first time I used it I made a coconut seafood noodles (Vietnamese style). The second time I made a simple cilantro seafood recipe with butter, olive oil and red chili flakes (couple other ingredients). It’s the best frozen seafood I’ve used.

  3. Thomas

    Ugh, someone found my secret!! PanaPesca is actually a commercial company. Like GFS they are used mainly by the food service industry. I use the seafood mix at home and really like it. DO NOT thaw it out. They have several other mixes such as Mediterranean Mix, Seafood Mix and at least 3 others. The quality is actually quite good. I suggest a simple serving over soba noodles, brown rice or quinoa. Sauté a 1/2 TB olive oil, 1/2 TB grass fed butter, few cloves of garlic and shallot, add the mix, some red chili flakes and then finish with few TB fresh herbs such as parsley, a little black pepper and a TB of good extra virgin.


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