A new Dominican spot opened up where Good Feathers used to be and next to the corner where they busted the drug ring caught on Google Street View. Unfortunately, they painted over the awesome cartoon chicken mural. But inside, it looks so much nicer than before.

There was good looking Dominican food in steam trays up front for you to see. Rotisserie and Fried Chicken off to the side. The guy also said there’s a lot of food they can make in the kitchen too.

I got the Oxtail Stew lunch special $7. It was a nice heavy platter with rice and beans. I added sweet plantains for $1 extra.

The Oxtail was tender and seasoned well. I didn’t need to add hot sauce for flavor. Actually when I did that, it made it worse. Good as is.

The plantains were moist and sweet. A lot of times, they come dry at other places, so I tend not to order them. But these were perfect.

I can’t wait to go here again. I want to try the Roast Pork next. Also the Rotisserie Chicken (Polla a la Brasa) is a pretty good deal. On the menu: $2 for 1/4, $3.50 for 1/2 and $7 for a whole. Fried Chicken $1 for a drumstick and $1.50 for a thigh.

Mom’s Kitchen Too (or Mama’s Kitchen Too or La Cocina De Mama Too) - 251 Jackson St. Brooklyn, NY

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  1. tio wally

    Oh, man! I love ox tails. Did you eat them all? If not, you have my address.


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