I wish this was a post on mashed potatoes or something food related. But just wanted to share these Mashups I just made, before they get taken down on Youtube and I get sued. I love mashed potatoes!

Dr. Dre vs Usher vs Beyonce vs Michael Jackson

T.I. vs Vanilla Ice vs Eminem

Kanye West vs Destiny’s Child vs Whitney Houston

I used Mixed in Key’s new Mashup software. It’s impressive how well it worked and how quick too. There are points where things need a little adjusting for timing and phrasing. Also there’s a lot of room for improvement in the software that I’m sure they’ll tackle in future updates. Looping, trimming and extending clips, Track Mute and Panning, and VST support would be awesome and make it much more complete. All in all, a really cool and pretty affordable application ($39). http://mashup.mixedinkey.com/

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