Ben & Jerry’s just launched their new Greek Frozen Yogurt line. There’s Banana Peanut Butter, Strawberry Shortcake, Raspberry Fudge Chunks, Blueberry Vanilla Graham. All pretty dang good. My favorites were the Peanut Butter one and the Blueberry Graham …and I think the majority at the event agreed.

I don’t eat much ice cream or frozen yogurt, but I do eat a lot of regular yogurt and drink kefir. I’d say this new Greek Frozen Yogurt taste like ice cream to me. Really rich and creamy.

The new Greek Frozen Yogurt doesn’t have any rBGH …or betterly phrased, they don’t use dairy that comes from cows that use rBGH. I had to look up what that meant. It’s bovine hormones. Looks like Ben & Jerry’s is trying to keep with using quality ingredients. I don’t know much about that stuff. I just know it tastes good.

This new line of Greek Frozen Yogurt is hitting store shelves now. They will also have parfaits and smoothies using the Greek Frozen Yogurt at their shops.

They gave me a bunch of pints to take back to my office. I was a hero for a day.

I kept taking photos of the dude holding up the pictures of the Frozen Yogurt signs. He looks just like my friend Zzalgern0n, who I made that Superman film about.

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  1. Baydog

    Quality Schmality. You still can’t eat any less than the whole pint which is 800 calories.
    Oh, but wait, it’s made from Greek yogurt. In Vermont. 🙂

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      There was a lady with her daughter at the event and it sounded like she was asking the Ben & Jerry’s pitchman if this was good for her daughter to eat all the time because it’s made out of yogurt. The guy was like “Sure. It’s great.” …but in a way that was playful and short of saying it’s healthy. I don’t think he was sure if the lady was serious. I couldn’t tell either.


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