This week, I’ll be posting things I’ve found in my bedroom while cleaning up…

Now this 4 year old candy looks a little safer to eat. This package, in the shape of a Nintendo Entertainment System controller, was tightly sealed and the mints were dry …although a few stuck together. They were even similar in shape and size of the B & A buttons.

Turned out to be okay. I put them out for people to eat during our Super Bowl party.  I don’t think anyone got sick. If anything, it cured some hangovers.

Whatever happened to Nester? Remember Nester?

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  1. Obbop


    Never seen nor heard of the critters.

    They may be a cultural artifact.

    Possibly worth a HUGE amount on eBay!!!!!!!

    ” I don’t think anyone got sick.”

    If death ensues remember “plausible deniability.”


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