After our nice brunch at Marlow & Sons, we passed by this new grocery –Gourmet Guild Williamsburg inside a new building. The sign said “Free Demo”. We checked it out because I didn’t know what that meant.

They had free samples –smoked sausage, bacon, pizza, kimchi, hot sauce, soap, granola, raw milk cheese. All really good and are made locally. That’s their deal –local products.

I liked the pizza and the smoked meats. At first I thought I ate raw bacon, because I don’t think before I put stuff in my mouth. Luckily it was smoked/cooked.

Dang those smoked meats are so good, I took home some bacon, chorizo sausage and jar of kimchi. I slightly pan fried the bacon and dipped it in sunny-side up egg yolk when I got home. Dang.

Gourmet Guild Williamsburg – 110 Broadway (btwn Bedford & Berry), Brooklyn NY 11211

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