I met Todd and Elisa this past Saturday at Diner in Williamsburg. The place was packed and there was an hour wait. We got on the list, but went next door to Marlow & Sons for a quick and easy table. We ran into Todd’s old friend Sean who lives in Tokyo. Someone he used to hang out with everyday in college, but hadn’t seen in years. It’s funny how NYC is such a small world.

We couldn’t decide what to get. Everything sounded pretty damn good on the menu, but I just wished I knew what they looked like. Sometimes I think all restaurants should be like Denny’s with pictures on the menu.

Todd got the Fried Chicken, Elisa got the Pork Rillons and I got the Beef Stew. Everything was good, although different than what I expected. Things were smaller and fancier. The beef stew for instance was not thick with gravy, but clean and liquidy.

There was one thing I saw people getting that looked big. I think it was the grilled cheese. That looked good because it was big.

It was weird. Our food looked small, but we were stuffed.

I wasn’t sure if we needed to go back to Diner to tell them we already ate.

Marlow & Sons - 81 Broadway (btwn Berry & Dunham) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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  1. Obbop

    The pics sure add nicely to the written part of the entry.

    I am glad I had the opportunity for multiple visits to to the general upper Atlantic regions of the USA… around Baltimore north; along the Atlantic coast along with areas further inland.

    So much regional variety and variations.

    Akin to your trucker cohort whose input makes this food blog so wonderful to me.

    Food and culture and geography and society… by golly, this blog could be a darn fine teaching tool at the high school or college level.

    Nowadays, restricted to SW Missouri atop the Ozark Plateau, I am restricted to current comparing and contrasting (CCing) with my immediate environs and forced to use past memories for other “CCing.”

    I notice as you did that the quantities offered do appear to be on the “skimpier side” but I believe that trend is becoming more common.

    I wonder if any of that trend may be due to the TV-chef Gordon Ramsey who during his altering a restaurant’s operations re-makes the menu; reducing the number of offerings and portion size.

    Quality over quantity, reduced overhead costs and other valid reasons.

    It appears you younguns’ were having a swell time.

    I note the wooden bench seat abutting the wall.

    Was it padded for comfort at the derriere level?

    Or was it hard… perhaps McD-like with their plastic seating intended to shun comfort thus perhaps, customer lingering and encouraging those who have tendered their money to move on?

    Just curious!!!

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      You know, I think it was hard wooden chairs and benches. Probably harder than plastic? But I think that’s like cool in Brooklyn.


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