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  1. Obbop

    That warmed my heart with joy and gladness that the person obviously harmed by the wind-tossed car was not a member of the privilege elite class or a worthy high-ranking member of corporate USA.

    As long as the deserving members of USA society are protected and safe and snug in their soft, warm beds at night with no fear of ever going broke or without immediate access to the finest health care and no economic worries no matter what economic negatives occur within the USA or world due to immense amounts of at-hand wealth distributed at many venues across the planet to ensure life-long access to life’s “basics well…………………………

    That is how things should be.

    Let 10,000 commoners suffer, hunger, cry out for succor as pain, disease, etc. take their toll.

    That is how things are meant to be.

    That brief video clip made my otherwise lonely but-at-least-vittles-available Xmas a wonderful event.

  2. myrikal whipz

    i’ll have what she’s (the above poster) having. ya fEeL?

  3. Stinky Goldberg

    Anyone who is:

    A) Above the age of 14

    B) Not a member of the Yankees

    should not be wearing a baseball cap.


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