My family came in to town to the big city …from Orlando, Birmingham and Seattle. It was my choice to pick a place for dinner. I figured a Big Wong King would be a great choice. I like the roast meats and congee there.

It was raining all day, so that probably explained that the restaurant wasn’t crowded at all. And I felt like everything was a representation of myself as you’ll learn from my upcoming posts. …what does it mean if it’s mostly white people eating? Not enough Chinese people in the place. Why is the place empty? I felt like I picked poorly. Yeah, a lot of regular non-Chinese people know about it this place on Yelp. But it is one of the better places in my opinion.

We got the Lobster special –two lobsters in Cantonese sauce for $20, 2 big bowls of Congee, Fried Cruller Bread, Wonton Noodle Soup, Kai-Lan (Chinese Broccoli) and Roast Pork. I thought it all pretty good food.

But still again, I felt like I was being judged for any criticism about the restaurant. The floor too greasy. The service too rude (…that’s just the way Chinatown people are). And that we were cheated on our bill. All night, my family thought they got ripped off after adding it up in the head. I met up with them the next day and they told me that and that place is very bad. I stopped them. How can a $57 bill be a rip-off for 5 people in NYC …especially when we got lobsters. (Granted, $10 does sound a lot for Chinese Broccoli. But I know that most of those restaurants do charge that much for vegetables.) I help them add it up again, including the beers I drank when I was waiting for them for 40 minutes to take a 8 min cab ride over and other stuff they forgot we ordered. It worked out. Big Wong didn’t rip us off. If anything, they forgot to add a couple of small things.

Shit. Next meal is based on my suggestion again.

Big Wong King - 67 Mott St (btw Bayard & Canal St) New York, NY 10013

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