Rusty and I stopped in for a beer at the local pub in Downtown Chicago near our hotel for a second time. Both times were early in the day. There were a few people drinking at 11am.

I ordered the Italian Beef Sandwich that I noticed advertised everywhere in Chicago. Never heard of it before. The sandwich is like a cross between a French Dipped Sandwich and a Philly Cheesesteak. The lady pulled out the sliced beef from a pot sitting on the grill, juices dripping …which made the bread nice and soft. Awesome flavor.

This was seriously the best thing I ate in Chicago …and I don’t think this bar is exactly known for their food. The sandwich with fries and a beer came out to $7 – special of the day. Someone seriously needs to bring the Italian Beef to NYC.

The Shamrock Club – 210 W Kinzie St (btwn Franklin & Wells St) Chicago, IL 60610

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  1. sarah

    agreed! Italian beef is one of the things I miss the most about Chicago. You can find it sometimes here (I’ve had it a Vito’s in Hoboken), but they call it different things like italian pot roast.


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