My first stop in Chicago: Deep Dish Pizza. I did some research. People were saying Uno is one of the best and always packed. But that’s the same as the Pizzeria Uno chain, right? Maybe Uno is better in Chicago. I tend to think of Uno as like an Applebee’s. But I could be wrong about them. I haven’t had their pizza in years. And I haven’t been to Applebee’s in years either.

Well there was a Lou Malnati’s close to our hotel. Seemed a little touristy. I think half the people eating were from out of town with a hotel coupon for a free dessert. The water glass was huge …almost pitcher-sized.

They let us split our small pizza –half “Lou” style (spinach, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes) and half “Classic” (sausage).  We’re talking a whole layer of sausage covering the entire portion of pizza underneath the cheese. That was pretty good.

The pizza appeared small and I thought we could eat a bigger one. But ended up so stuffed. Rusty and I went back to the hotel and passed out for three hours. Serious food coma. I hadn’t had one in years.

Lou Malnati’s - 439 North Wells Street. Chicago, IL 60610

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