Party time at K&M Bar! Was frickin awesome. So much good chili and music! Very proud of everyone. This time a chili won.

The winners:
Spiciest Chili: Aaron’s SPICY 3 Bean Chili. Made my nose bleed.
Best use of Cilantro: Brad’s Chicken Vindaloo Chili. It went super fast.
Best side dish: Jill’s Cheddar and Jalapeno Biscuits
Best Blue Chili: Rusty’s Blue Magic Chicken Chili. Looked like Play-doh
Best Chili That Reminded Me of That Very Morning When I ate a Can of Chili Mac: Matt’s Turkey Chili with Egg Noodles
Best Chili Eater: Anna said she ate five big bowls
Best Suggestion of a Chili award: Patrick for suggesting the Best Chili Eater award
Top Prize: Joel’s Bibimbap Korean Chili. So many textures and flavors. Awesome. I wouldn’t have known it was vegetarian.

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