Dang. Chicago was awesome. The Oyster Party on Saturday was insane. Pics of that coming soon. I was pretty hungover the following day during awards ceremony. My head hurt. And dang, I won! Stepped to receive the coveted slotted spoon trophy and got back to my seat, turned to Rusty and asked “Hey, what did I just win?”

The spoon said 2011 Food Film Festival Fannie Mae Filmmaker of the Year! Dang. I honestly didn’t know I was up for any award in Chicago. We just came to party. The New York Food Film Festival was so awesome. Had to do it again in Chicago.

I know I didn’t get to say much when I got the award because my mouth was full of Turtle Burger. So I really want to thank the Food Film Festival for the awesome party. Rusty and I had such a great time.

Winning the award made me think of the things I’ve learned this year…

1) Just Do It: Ever since I stopped thinking or worrying about what I’m going to do and just do it, everything got so easy. The action was much easier than thinking about it. And then in the end, you are doing what you want to do and living your dreams.

2) Be open to opportunities: This year, I went on the tour with Shonali. I accepted Rik’s offer to make new food webisodes. I entered this film festival. I’m co-hosting parties with my friends. Let Dave and Tio Wally contribute to the food blog. Went on a date. All of this with initial hesitation, but I’m grateful I said yes to it all. It made my life so much more wonderful.

3) Be giving: I think there really is something about doing something for the benefit of others, whether it’s making people smile, giving them a big tip or sharing something cool with them. It makes what you do honest and genuine …and in return, I find people like that a lot and will give back to you with treasures. It’s a weird circle of giving.

4) Believe in yourself: I remember a stranger once told me that I could never be a food blogger, because there were too many food bloggers already. It hurt to hear even a douche bag say that to me. I’ve been food blogging for over four years now. So what does that guy know. There’s also another guy that people said he couldn’t be what he wanted to be because he was different. He never gave up and believed in himself. Now he’s winning. His name is Tebow.

I’d like to thank Rik and Nancy, Shonali, Tio Wally, Rusty, Dave Dondero, Andrew WK, Tim Tebow and everyone along the way for showing me the way. Excuse me if I sound preachy …I’m just trying to be Tebow-like.

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  1. Shonali Bhowmik

    Jason!!! You nailed it! You are one of my most creative and talented friends. I am so happy that I get to work with you and also call you my friend. Congrats! There is so much more good stuff coming to you, I see it clearly.

  2. Antonia

    you are very creative and cool! congrats and keep up the awesome work!!



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