Dear Rusty and Bonnie,
Mar (our upstairs neighbor) is going to drop off a bag of Indonesian Spicy Fried Cow’s Lung in front of our door. Please put it in the fridge.

I was expecting it to look like fried battered popcorn chicken. It turned out to be more of a dried snack …like beef jerky, but livery tasting. I liked it. The seasoning on it was nice.

Mar also threw in a bag of Spicy Cassava Chips …tasted like sweet glazed dried plantain chips, but super spicy. These were awesome!

She says these came from Indonesia and you probably can’t find the Fried Cow’s Lung here, but maybe the Cassava Chips.

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  1. tio wally

    Maybe it’s just because I’m not an innard-eater, but Dude, this is really disgusting. The least you could’ve done was call it by its Indonesian name or something — anything! — to disguise it somehow.

    Which reminds me: Sales of the Tio’s Svið franchises have been surprisingly slow. (Sales to date: ZERO.) Hell, even you wouldn’t buy one — and you like that kind of stuff!


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