I just went to catch my friends Marcellus Hall & the Hostages at the KCRW CMJ party tonight. Also saw Hands and the Duke Spirit. It was nice to have a few beers and bands after a long day in the office.

Then we went to Great Jones Cafe. No Jambalaya today, but the Gumbo was great! And the Jalapeno Cornbread with butter was great!

It was expensive for Cajun. Gumbo was $17.99, but still good. I just gotta remember I’m rich …maybe not in my wallet, but in my soul.

A super bonus was that Mark Ibold from my favorite band ever (Pavement) was bar tending at Great Jones Cafe. Marcellus said he knew him way back in the Matador days and before. I tried to get Marce to get the guy to take a photo with me. It didn’t happen. I was too scared. I did go up to shake his hand. It’s weird. I’m just realizing now that I might have met him a couple times before.

Great Jones Cafe - 54 Great Jones St (btwn Lafayette & Bowery) New York, NY 10012

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