I had extra time to kill until the next Chinatown bus to Boston (for my buddy John’s wedding). I sat down at Kien Tuong (also known as New Kim Tuong). The pick 3 items with rice and soup is still $3.50.

I ordered Congee with Pork, Pork Belly and Liver ($2.75) and a plate of Bitter Melon with Beef  ($3.75) from the menu. Super cheap. The food was alright. Just needed some salt and for the food to cool down.

The BBQ meats (Roast Pork, Baby Pig, Duck) looks really good. I’d go for that next time.

As far as the Chinatown bus, the line at Lucky Star had a ton of hot girls. None at Fung Wah. I don’t know why that is, but I guess you can imagine which bus I took.

Kien Tuong Restaurant - 83 Chrystie St (btw Canal & Hester St) New York, NY 10002

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