Day 11 of the Shonali tour: We stopped over in DC to visit Shonali’s sister, brother in law and two nieces. We had brunch at Comet Ping Pong –a pizza joint with a bunch of ping pong tables in the back. The restaurant looks adult-ish and I’m sure it is at night. But at that moment, it was full of kids at every table.

They have some tasty brunch pizzas. I got the Drive (Broccoli Rabe, garlic, Whitmore Farm Egg,
melted onion, Pecorino Romano, and Prosciutto). That was a good pizza.

Also had the Birth of Pain Bloody Mary with Scotch Bonnet pepper. Pretty decent. I don’t know if it was any spicier than regular spicy Bloody Mary.

It took Jeff and I a while to find the restroom. They are in the wooden wall.

Comet Ping Pong – 5037 Connecticut Ave NW. Washington, DC 20008

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  1. Nicholas

    I went to your city – New York City. I ate the food. Strike that. I ate a lot of veggie burgers. I had a 50 dollar veggie burger and a 3 dollar veggie burger. Guess which one I enjoyed more?

      • Nicholas

        Not reeeeeeally. We were taking my friend out for her batchelorette party, so we were buying her food and drinks as well. That is just what I ended up spending, which basically means I spent 50 dollars on a veggie burger. This happens when veggies and meaties eat out together and split things evenly. We were at Elmo’s? I thought it was just someone’s name, but then I realized everyone there was gay. The staff was all gay. The patrons were gay. It was all very gay. We had a gay ol’ time. Now I think it’s El Mo instead. That makes much more sense.

      • Nicholas

        That’s “ghey”, and you are so right, but it was worth it for other reasons. I am pretty sure eminem would have gone with a different entree entirely even though I’m fairly certain he is a huge fan of avocados. He inadvertantly gave me a black eye once. Does that mean he basically gay-bashed me? I think it must…..

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