Day 10 of the Shonali tour: We had planned on going to Dollywood theme park while we were in Tennessee.  Everyone in the band had gone except for me. I was surprised they were all willing to go again so I could experience it. Well it was too hot and I made the decision to go to the Beef Jerky Outlet instead.

The Outlet was smaller than I expected, but they had everything. Smoked Elk, Venison, Buffalo, Gator and Kangaroo Jerky. I got that Kangaroo. Expensive ($15.95). It tasted like a big chunk of smoked ham meets beef jerky. Not bad.

Because some of the meats like the kangaroo weren’t cured as much as the beef jerky, they had to be refrigerated. I’m surprised I finished all that kangaroo.

The Blazin’ Hot Beef Jerky is really good and spicy. I recommend that.

The Beef Jerky Outlet also makes Deep Fried Peanuts. You eat the shell and everything. Interesting. Takes some getting used to.

The lady working there was really nice and helpful.

The Beef Jerky Outlet - 3609 Outdoor Sportsman Pl # 3. Kodak, TN 37764

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  1. tio wally

    Are you meaning $15.95 *per pound*? If so, that’s cheap as there is no weight to jerky. But did they have moose — the best meat on the planet? I’ll be passing through Knoxville tomorrow. I wonder if I can park a land yacht?

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      There’s a Bass Pro Shop right there. I’d imagine there might be some big parking spots. My bandmate went in there. I wish I did. They have a restaurant in there and a virtual gun range (I think kinda old timey arcade animatronic style).


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