Day 9 of the Shonali tour: It’s our last show on the road –in Knoxville at the Longbranch Saloon. At the bar was a group of self proclaimed Juggalos. “Woot Woot! Oye!” There was one guy that was like the singer of Pantera in my face. He was talking to me about double kick-pedals and it look like he wanted to punch me in the face, but I think he was just really intense about double kick-pedals.

Jeff was hanging out on the balcony and the Juggalos asked him if he knew what Thursday was. “It’s Bangkok” and proceeded to fake punch his crotch …”Bang-cock”. Then they asked him if he knew what Friday was. Jeff didn’t find out and walked away.

An old man with a cane (unrelated to the Juggalos) walked up to Jeff and introduced himself as “POPZ”. Talked to him for a second and said, “It was really nice to meet you, young blood.” Then he dropped his cane and tried to jump the balcony fence. Luckily, he wasn’t so mobile and the Juggalos grabbed his leg. They told him that people care about him.

When we got on stage, the Juggalos made it a real dance party. Yelling “ENCORE!” after the first song and thereafter. It was awesome. We talked to them for probably 20mins after packing up our van. They were really supportive and told us funny stories of jumping freight trains. The first time one of the girls jumped off a train was because she saw a Taco Bell.

Afterwards, we headed to Krystal for Chick sandwiches –whole breast fillets. Matt loved them. Woot-woot!

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