Day 9 of the Shonali tour: We headed to Knoxville, home of the Tennessee Volunteers and played a short set and interview on WUTK. I was pretty grumpy because I hadn’t eaten since my morning Muscle Milk. I did try to buy a beef stick from a vending machine at a rest stop. But pressing B10 isn’t B-1-0, it’s B-10. It gave me Peanut M&M’s. I was so pissed off. I hid underneath the desk in the radio booth while we played.

We headed off to dinner. Matt and Shonali went to Nama Sushi on Gay St. I didn’t want sushi. That’s so 90’s. So Amy and I went to Soccer Taco. I didn’t imagine it would be good, but I liked their name and there were a lot of fat people eating there.

The food was as expected and beer super cheap. An enchilada with rice and beans on the side is just like the burrito on the same plate, but separate. Everything was really salty. But dang, the Queso Fundido appetizer (hot melted cheese with chorizo, mushrooms, pablano peppers and onions with tortillas) was fucking rad, even though salty. Sometimes salty is really good.

Later went to meet Matt and Shonali at the sushi restaurant. Shit, all the girls there were really hot.

Soccer Taco - 6701 Kingston Pike. Knoxville, TN 37919

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