I’ve been on a no-carb diet for the past three weeks and today was supposed to be my last day before I go on tour and gain all the weight back. But after band practice tonight, Matt and I went to Punjabi Deli and I ate the rice. So close to finishing the goal. Only a few more minutes until midnight. I fucked it all up. It tasted good though …but I do feel fat now.

Punjabi Grocery & Deli - 114 E 1st St (btwnn 1st Ave & Ave A) New York, NY 10009

I also got a new camera today …the Sony HX9V point and shoot. A lot of DSLR videographers are raving about the video quality …and from the videos, it looks sharper than the Canon DSLRs. Perhaps it doesn’t have the shallow depth of field, but at wide angle, it’s freaking amazing for such a small thing. Shoots 1080p at 60fps (only $350). That’s insane. Motion a little flickery on Youtube, but I think that’s a Youtube thing. Looks better on Vimeo.

Anyway, I bought this for pocketable quick video, but I’m really impressed at the stills …especially compared to my Canon S90 that I’ve been using for a year and a half now. The HX9V hardware and optics doesn’t seem as good (f/3.3 lens vs f/2.0), but I feel like the results is comparable and maybe a little better through the software trickery. For the low light, it takes multiple images and somehow composites them to look decent. It’s slow shooting this way, but the resulting photo is pretty good.

The faster lens on the S90 is a little brighter, but a little more washed out and more noise.

I know video is looking darker in low light compared to the S90, but I still can’t wait to shoot some sweet HD video with it. Look at what Cheesycam blog did with this camera…

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