Danny and I had brunch at the Brooklyn Star. I’ve always wanted to try this place, but the original location burnt down. Then I forgot the newer place was even closer to me, when it took over the Lazy Catfish spot.

First started off with a Bloody Bull (a bloody mary with beef broth). I like the idea, but to me, it tasted like a regular bloody mary. I couldn’t really taste the beef broth. And we just had a couple of bloody marys at Harefield Road right before.

I ordered the Apple Johnny Cakes ($12) with bacon and jalapeno cooked inside for only an extra 50cents. That’s a good reasonably priced upgrade.

Danny got the Fried Pork Chop ($11) which came with grits, chow chow (a Southern relish) and a fried egg. He asked if they could cook the egg well done, but the waitress said the chef wouldn’t do that. I was pretty stunned. I understand there are stubborn chefs who only do things their way (No Changes, No Substitutions), but I never imagined having an egg on the griddle for an extra 30 seconds would be a big deal. I was about to say fuck this place, but Danny went ahead and ordered it sans egg. And dammit, the Fried Pork Chop was the best fucking thing. Huge. I didn’t know a pork chop could be so big. It looked like a big fried fish filet …even had a tail. It probably would’ve tasted amazing with some runny yolk on it.

The Brooklyn Star - 593 Lorimer St (between Metropolitan & Conselyea) Brooklyn, NY 11211

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