I had a dream last night that I still had this can of Amour Corned Beef Hash that I got upstate during Seth’s bachelor party. We never cracked it open on the island, but I did eat it at home over a month ago.

Dang, it’s a good thing I didn’t add oil to the pan. This is the greasiest can of corned beef hash I’ve ever had. So many explosions. I’m glad I learned to put some clothes on while frying up hash.

On the plus side, it had the best potato ratio to meat in a can I’ve ever seen. I always like more potatoes.

Also in my dream last night, I was food blogging a bag of Goldfish crackers that were individually wrapped inside. The rest of the dream was playing Diner Dash 2 nonstop. It was a nightmare.

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    i need to know where i can buy this. it seems to have disappeared off of the shelves. i l would like to know asp thank you. we have some people coming that come just for that meal. now i can not get it. why???


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