I’ve been noticing that most of the Rafiqi’s Halal carts now have “New Beef Options” … Philly Steak sandwiches, pita wraps and platters. I got the Beef Rice Platter ($5.50). The guy pulled out a couple of thin rectangle slices of Philly Steak-style of raw beef and slapped it on the griddle. Cooking and chopping it up, asking if I want onions and cheese –yes, please.

The Philly Steak platter was surprisingly delicious. Of course, top it with white and the green hot sauce.

I only trust the Rafiqi’s on 6th Ave between 19th & 20th St, Manhattan to make this. I’ve been trying other Rafiqi’s that have been popping up in the area recently and they don’t compare. Even though it appears to be the same ingredients and toppings, the salad just taste better and the meat is cooked right at 6th. I’ve also spent hours walking around trying to find a Rafiqi’s that hasn’t raised their prices yet. There are a few out there, but then I realize I’m just trying to save 50cents.

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