We got a flier for a party in our building’s shared backyard. I think that’s so we don’t get mad when DJ Christopher kicks out the jams past 3am outdoors among the 30 apartments. Todd and I went to check it out. I figured I’d be neighborly and introduce myself to the host. I told her I lived at the other end of the building. The first thing she said was how disgusting my side of the backyard was. I was taken aback. All I could see was one big shared slab of concrete that I walk out onto about five times a year. I didn’t understand. She asked me to sit down so she could explain why I live in filth. The guy that was trying to get her in the sack rolled his eyes and she caught him. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one that thought she was a bitch.

So as DJ Christopher was winding down a little before 4am, Todd got the craving for White Castle. They’ve been advertising Online Ordering. We couldn’t figure out how to order through his smart phone (which now I see you need to install Microsoft Silverlight on your web browser), so we just called them to order. I was surprised they took phone orders so late. How do they know if you’re going to really show up? …I don’t think actually made our order until we got there.

We got some delicious Chicken Breast Sliders that Dave Dondero brought to my attention. They are really good. Much different tasting than Chicken Ring sandwiches. These are real white meat chicken breasts with cheese. It’s a mini moist chicken breast sandwich. Surprisingly one of the best items on the menu, next to Jalapeño cheese sliders and mozzarella sticks.


The best thing about having a food blog is that it gives me the opportunity to be passive-aggressive.

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  1. Dennis

    There’s nothing better than White Castle in the middle of the night! Kinda sucks that that girl was so rude! How awful!

    • Jason Lam
      Jason Lam

      Thanks for having my back. We were probably all just drunk that night. Say things we didn’t mean and eat things we shouldn’t have either …or should’ve.

  2. Noel Moes

    As per fast food, you guys seem to have some better content than a lot of people!


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