American singer-songwriter, David Dondero, is reporting in his meals from his current tour. He’s living my dream of playing music and eating on the road. Here’s Dave at Timeline Saloon & BBQ in Bonduel, Wisconsin.

West of Green Bay on the hwy 29. I pulled into the Timeline Saloon and BBQ. It was pouring rain all the way from Duluth. Going into this place felt like stepping into John Cougar’s “Hurts so good” video in 1983. I thought he’d come out from the kitchen at any moment with a group of bikers in leather chaps. Instead the owner came out carrying an alligator. I thought it was fake at first but it was real. Turns out he has 5 of them and he’s carrying around the baby. He also has many other interesting animals behind the restaurant and motorcycle shop/museum. He’s got a camel, ostrich, long horn cattle, buffalo and a giant turtle. The place turned out to be much more interesting after a closer look.

I ordered up the usual.. Miller Lite “union made in Milwaukee” and slow cook brisket dip. This was succulent beef slow smoked/bbq’d with carmelized onion, sautéed mushrooms and provolone cheese served on toasted fresh French bread. A dipping au jus was on the side and ruffles potato chips. This sandwich was amazing. The best French dip I’ve ever had. It blew my mind.

The biker chick bartender asked “wanta play the pull tabs for a free beer?” I said sure.. So she hands me a jar full of pull tabs so I try my luck. If you’re not familiar with pull tabs they are common in parts of the Midwest and Alaska. It’s a form of gambling. A small piece of card stock with a tab you pull to reveal whether you won the prize.. Sometimes It’s cash,, sometimes free beer etc.. I pull mine and It says “half off beer” she says “it’s better than no off” I say your damn right. Thanks for that.. I pay up and tip her well. She wasn’t overly nice but just nice enough.

I checked out the motorcycle museum. There was a 10 seat extendo Harley bike that the owner built. I think it’s a world record. This place was totally great and I want a try more of their food.

Timeline Saloon @ BBQ – W2707 State Highway 29 (18 miles West of Green Bay), Bonduel, WI 54107

David Dondero is one of the hardest working touring folk singers in America. Once named one of the Best Living Songwriters by NPR, alongside Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Paul McCartney. It’s a privilege to have him part of Me So Hungry.

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