Hungover and felt the only thing to soothe me over was some Polish soup and Hungarian Pancake Pie. Rusty and I jumped off the bus near the Nassau stop in Greenpoint and walked into the restaurant with the armor knights –same place that has a great weekday $9 lunch deal where I had Hocks Baked in Beer (much better photos in that old post).

I really like the bread and smalec spread. I think it really tastes like a tuna fish salad, but they told me it was pork fat with seasoning.

The White Borscht was nice and helped coat my stomach, but not too thick. There was half a boiled egg and bacon in it. Came with a side of mashed potatoes with more bacon on top.

The Hungarian Pancake Pie was huge! Bigger than my face. Tender chunks of beef goulash in between and sauerkraut on the side. The leftovers for dinner were enough to make me stuffed.

Krolewskie Jadlo – 694 Manhattan Ave (@ Norman Ave) Brooklyn 11222

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