Killing time with Sam at this ramen spot, before I went back to my place for my roommate’s birthday. Unfortunately, I’m getting really lazy with bringing my camera with me. It’s just too bulgy in my tight jeans in the summertime. I did have my phone with the Camera360 app. It has a filter called “Japanese Style” which was very appropriate for the cuisine. It brings up the brightness, lessens the contrast and gives it a purple-ish tint. It’s so dark in Menkui-Tei, I don’t know how these people on Yelp got their bright photos.

The best thing was the Age Platter special –fried squid legs, fried octopus balls, and fried octopus. I could eat a whole plate of the fried octopus.

Tan Tan Men noodles was too soupy for me, but the flavor was right.

Afterwards, I brought home a cake from Grand Morelos. I’ve wanted to get the naked girl with the see-thru night gown topper, but I didn’t know how to ask for it. So I just got a dinosaur. Then things got crazy when I pulled out the guitar and cranked it up with the Happy Birthday song. Some dude called out for me to play Stairway to Heaven and ACDC. I freaked out and screamed “FUCK YOU!!!” then stormed off. He thought I was being funny and laughed.

Menkui Tei Noodle Restaurant – 63 Cooper Sq (btwn 7th St & Astor Pl) New York 10003

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