This Ramen and Friends outing took us to Tangra Masala in Elmhurst, Queens for Indian Style Chinese, which I guess is the style of Chinese food served in India. The serving staff was Indian. I wonder if there were Chinese in the back cooking. Or Indian-born Chinese? I’m confused.

The menu is a hybrid of Chinese food with Indian flavors. It tasted really good and spicy. My favorites were the Lollypop Chicken appetizers with the chipotle-mayo style dipping sauce, Tangra Masala Goat and Fish with Chili Sauce. A lot of the dishes ask if you want it wet (sauce) or dry. The consensus was that dry was the way to go. More flavorful and not drowned in gravy.

Tangra Masala was filling and made me sweat. Downside is that there is no alcohol and you can’t bring it in. Dang. Just trying to get my Tangra Masala on.

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Tangra Masala – 8709 Grand Ave. Queens, NY 11373

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  1. esther

    Their famous lollipop chicken is pretty good. However, I must add that I stopped going there after repeated reports from friends seeing roaches crawling their walls and seeing them in my food. But they magically got an “A,” from the DOH! I don’t get it.


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