No re-entry at the Guided By Voices show yesterday at McCarren Park. So we’re stuck with Heinekens, Fred water, vegan Empanadas, Asia Dog, Cemitas and SCRATCHbread. Not so bad. Although Fred water looks like a bottle of hand sanitizer. I’m sure it’s fine. It probably taste like clean water.

I went with a Bacon, Grape & Goat Cheese sandwich ($5) from SCRATCHbread. Probably the best deal there in my opinion. I really enjoyed it. Crunchy bits of roast pork and skin. Greasy as hell, but I think that was the bread that was making my fingers oily.

The show was amazing. I enjoyed spacing out in the outdoor lot-turned-venue. A beautiful day. Surfer Blood got a lot of applause. But then the weirdest thing. I couldn’t hear anyone clap for Wavves after each of their songs. It was like the Twilight Zone. Maybe it’s where I was standing, but I would look around after each song and everyone was just standing still. So strange. I wondered if I was high from that bacon sandwich.

Guided By Voices was awesome. They reminded me that it’s never too old to rock. They have the luckiest roadie, who stands in the back on stage –smoking, drinking, dancing and singing all the lyrics. Four encores and there were still a few songs I wished they played.

A great day all in all. Pee’d in the park next to cops, gnawed on t-bone and rib bones at Rocco’s, then went to a magazine party where entrance fee was $5 or I show them my dick. I didn’t get into that party. I spent all my cash on Heinekens.

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