American singer-songwriter, David Dondero, is reporting in his meals from his current tour. He’s living my dream of playing music and eating on the road. Here is Happy Dog in Cleveland, OH.

“The Happy Dog in Cleveland, OH. I came here a year ago for the first Weapons of Mass Creation Fest. It was the best closest bar to the church I was playing in. Turns out they do shows there too and serve great hotdogs with the most bizarre additions. The first time I ate at Happy Dog was with professional pinball champion Darren Hanlon. I had my hotdog with kim chee, a fried egg, tomatoes, bacon, Cajun mayonnaise, yellow mustard, chipotle ketchup, smoked gouda cheese and some crispy fried onions if I remember correctly. I think the Dazzler had the same or something close. My memory is a little foggy because this was last September and I’m just now looking back at the pictures from my first encounter with the Happy Dog. They’ve got pinball in the back corner of the this classic Midwestern corner bar. Here’s a picture (below) of Dazzy Hazzlon “the pinball millionaire” practicing for upcoming world championship competition. We both left stuffed and happy. Plenty of fuel any person looking to ramble and rock out.

My second visit to the Happy Dog happened just last night for the 2nd annual WMC fest. This time was packed full of concert goers but the service was great and fast. Everyone extremely friendly. I got my hotdog with bourbon baked beans, wasabi peas, bacon spiked southern style greens, cucumbers and Cajun mayo. My buddy Chris got his with red pepper relish, raspberry crunch mustard, Oaxacan red chile and chocolate mole, habanero pickled red onions, smoked gouda and chorizo chile. Each hot dog only 5 bucks. Eat it with a fork and a knife. Mine was great the first visit ,,, last night was good but my bun was a little stale. I can overlook that. Sometimes you get to the tail end of the bun bag and it comes out stale.” –dd

Happy Dog – 5801 Detroit Ave. Cleveland, OH 44102

David Dondero is one of the hardest working touring folk singers in America. Once named one of the Best Living Songwriters by NPR, alongside Bob Dylan, Tom Waits and Paul McCartney. It’s a privilege to have him part of Me So Hungry.

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